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2021 Year In Review | Engagements and Portraits

2021 Year in Review | Engagements and Portraits

Savannah Chandler Photography | Colorado Engagement Photographer

This is my first time (in my now 11 years of shooting) that I’ve done a Yearly Recap on my engagements and portrait sessions!

Most of my 2021 wedding couples photographed their engagements in the year prior (with a few exceptions). The majority of my engagement sessions in 2021 were for newly engaged couples (some as new as just being proposed to) or couples who will be having their weddings in their home state.

Every engagement session from 2021 was in the mountains of Colorado, many involving hiking of some sort. I saw Dream Lake in all 4 seasons, saw the sky light up with more stars than I knew existed, watched herds of Elk bugle their way across mountain tundra, rock climbed (well, they roped in, I just scrambled up a smaller rockface), 4×4’d a mountain pass in the pitch black, and saw what looked like SkyFire for multiple sunrises and sunsets.

In all, I got to celebrate LOVE!

I’ve always loved Engagement sessions – we get to go adventuring in stunning places, get our laugh on, and enjoy the company of others without the natural stresses that come along with the actual wedding day.

To all my beautiful Engagement Couples of 2021 – Thank you for trusting me with your memories. And thank you for putting up with my likely terrible jokes, my “OHHH” and “AHHHH” about “The Light”, and for feeling comfortable enough with my crazy-weird personality to hang out for an hour or two with my camera all up in your faces.

Cheers, and I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings for you all.