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What exactly is


An Elopement?



An elopement is the intentional decision to celebrate your wedding day in a way that truly celebrates the two of you as a couple


You are the only one who can define your elopement.


Do you want to say your vows at the top of a 14,000' mountain, watching the sunrise come up together and celebrating with nothing but the sound of the wind? Is finding an epic 4x4 road ending at an amazing lake with a little bit of fishing and an ice cold bevvy the way you want to spend your wedding day? Or perhaps shredding champagne pow-pow and and skiing into your ceremony and being greeted by the friends you call family at the lodge.


Some of my very favorite personal days and memories are celebrating the elopements of others.

My heart truly lies in adventure - and after spending a few moments together I'm sure you'll agree I don't have a poker face about it.
I'm an avid hiker, both with awesome couples as well as in my personal time.
I have a lifted Jeep Rubicon, ready for flinging dirt.
I've been boarding for 30+ years and am up for nearly any terrain.
But the best part - I have a camera system that's been modified and ready for adventuring. I've rigged my set up with climbing webbing and chalk bags to withstand rocks, dirt, sand - you name it.



Hiking Elopements


No hike is too big, nor too small.

Looking to hike on your wedding day? I'm a hiker at heart and would LOVE to use the power of our feet to get to some amazing locations and celebrate.

I've been helping couples plan hiking logistics for 5 years now, everything from a short 1.1 mile hike (hello Dream Lake, I'm looking at you...), to an overnight backpacking adventure waking up at midnight to catch the MilkyWay.

I've hiked up to Class 3/4, and LOVE me some Ridgelines. They may be my favorite part of spicy hiking. You'll find me hootin' and hollarin' approaching our summit as we climb over some sketchy shit.


Need some advice with packing your gear? I got you. Don't know how to attach a bouquet to your backpack? I got all the tips to help you look like a badass at our destination.



4x4 Elopements

My lifted Jeep is ready to throw up some dirt.

Is taking a super fun mode of transportation more your style? Climbing over some rocks and possibly sticking your head out of the open-top (at a safe location, of course) and letting the mountain air through your hair sound like your kind of wedding day?

Luckily, Colorado has AMAZING 4x4 trails all throughout the state. You can drive your way up to the tops of mountains, alpine lakes, and sprawling vistas. And bring a cooler with some Charcuterie - let the vehicle do the heavy lifting for you.


Although I still am constantly finding new roads to put on my MUST DRIVE list, I'm happy to help find the perfect dirt road for your elopement! I'm an experienced 4x4 driver - my first car being an '89 Jeep Cherokee.

Skiing Elopements


Me and Powdey Pow are the best of friends.


Coming out to Colorado to hit up some of our world-renowned Champagne Powder on your elopement day? I can vouch - we have some absolutely awesome snow here.

I've been Snowboarding for nearly 30 years now, and skied before my boarding days (I started in the late 80s - we'll just leave it at that).

Looking to hit the famous Back Bowls at Vail? Let's go get some shin deep snow turns in. Hit the run-long park at Copper? That's where I grew up boarding and hitting rails and kickers (I can still do a box or two... my park days are much less exciting now). Chasing a massive snow day at Wolf Creek and hike up to the Knife? LET'S GET IT!

And who doesn't want the tagline:
Elope on the Slopes.

International Elopements

Looking to head out of dodge and adventure around a new and unknown area? Want to frolic through lupine fields, stand in front of roaring waterfalls, or hike up into the Dolomites?

My passport is ready to be stamped.

I've travelled internationally for elopements and am happy to help with any logistics and planning. I'm a planner at heart and I love coming up with new and exciting itineraries.

Haven't been to said country? No problem! Researching elopement locations is something I excel at.
Contact me for country specific pricing.

Bucket List Locations:
Looking to elope at in one of these locations? I have special "Bucket List" pricing.
Scotland Highlands, Faroe Islands, Chamonix, German Alps, Italian Dolomites, Lofoten Islands.

- Elopement Packages and Pricing -



Just Vows and a Short Portrait Session


•WEEKDAYS ONLY (Monday - Thursday)


•One Photographer for up to 2 hours

•Intended for a "Just the Two of Us" elopement

•Perfect for drivable locations, or for hikes under 2 miles Round Trip.

•Single Location

•Location must be within 100 miles of 80602
* Unless the location/date are on my existing Travel Schedule *

Half Day


Up to 4 hours of Coverage


•One Photographer for up to 4 hours of Coverage


•Perfect for:
Short to Medium Hikes
4x4 Elopements
Multiple Locations

• All Travel in Colorado Included

•Location scouting, logistic advice, planning advice, and permitting help.

•All edited digital images delivered via. online gallery

Full Day


Up to 8 Hours of Coverage


•One Photographer and One Assistant

•Up to 8 Hours of Coverage


•Perfect For:
Large Hikes
Mountain Summits
4x4 to multiple cities
Elopements with Family in attendance
Multiple Locations

•Location scouting, logistic advice, planning advice, and permitting help.

•All edited images delivered via. online gallery

Multi - Day


Two Consecutive Days of Full Coverage


•One Photographer and One Assistant

•Two Days, up to 8 hours coverage each day


•Perfect For:
Two Day celebrations (one day family, one day just the two of you)

•Location scouting, logistic advice, planning advice, and permitting help.

•All edited images delivered via. online gallery

Basic Video Add-On




Add basic video to any elopement package
Vow audio mixed over a highlight reel









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When should we Book?

I tend to book out 8-12 months in advance for weekend dates, weekdays I typically have some last minute availability. As soon as you've settled on a date, I highly recommend contacting, especially for June - September dates.

Are there Travel Fees?

All of my travel is included within the state of Colorado! Looking to Elope out of State or Internationally? Contact me for specific pricing - I'm always ready for an out-of state adventure!

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Love is love is love.


We need Location Help!

I'm more than happy to help you pick the perfect location to elope here in Colorado! I've frequented much of our state, and fortunately research is something I absolutely love to do.

When do we get our Photos?

I deliver all your edited photographs within 30 days from the original Elopement date - sometimes I'm faster, sometimes it's right at that 30 day mark depending on my backlog.

What about Insurance or Permits?

I carry liability insurance, and have many commercial permits here in the state of Colorado. I'm happy to help with your particular location to see if any additional permits are needed, or if I need to submit my liability insurance.


Can we bring our Dogs?


I love doggos, and would love to hang with your furry friend(s) on our epic Colorado Elopement adventure.

Do you Edit our Photos?

Yes! I hand-edit all the images that I deliver. I don't outsource my editing, all the images that you receive in your online gallery will be edited by myself.



How do we Proceed with Booking?

Ready to start planning your Colorado Elopement?
Shoot me a message, and we'll get the Contract/Invoice process started.
I require a retainer to reserve your date, and the remainder is due anytime up until the day of your elopement.