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Savannah Chandler?Who's

Born and Bred here in Colorado - I've always had an affinity for spending as much time as I can in our beautiful mountains. There's something absolutely spectacular about pushing your physical limits, and enjoying the shit out of a PB&J at the summit while overlooking the surrounding mountains and waters below.

In 2011, I graduated from Metropolitan University of Denver with my minor in Fine Art Photography (I majored in History if anyone ever wants conversations of crazy Russian Czars). Just before graduation, I started taking photographs for friends as a way to no longer work in the restaurant business. Fast forward 13 years - and here we are! I've been a full time photographer for those 13 years, specializing in outdoor and mountain weddings. Over the past 8 years, adventure elopements and engagements have stolen the other half of my photographic heart. If I have one thing I hope you see in your photographs - it's the blending of my love for the mountains with capturing interactions of you and your beloved.



I live in the Northern Colorado Suburbs with my Husband of 13 years and my Kiddo who's 9.

I got married in Evergreen, Colorado in 2011 at the Evergreen Lake House - before social media was an amazing way to gain Wedding ideas.


In 2014, we had our sweet Kiddo. He's such a crazy little guy. In 2018, he was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma - a malignant brain tumor. He completed treatment in 2019, is healthy and living his best life. If you ever feel so inclined to check out one of my personal favorite Colorado organizations - The Morgan Adams Foundation is locally based in Colorado and donates to Children's Cancer Research. We're forever grateful to those continuing to find new and better ways to treat and cure children's cancer.

Some Random Facts about Me


My Favorite 14er I've ever Hiked: Handies Peak
My Favorite 13er I've ever Hiked: V2 in the San Juan Mountains
Spiciest Day on the Mountains: Kelso Ridge, staying Ridge Proper and climbing above Dead Dog Coulier
Favorite Lake: Ice and Island in the San Juans - it was pretty cool to hike above Island too and see it from above! I also recently hiked the 16 miles to Mirror Lake beneath Lone Eagle Peak which quickly became a new favorite.
I started running in 2013 at the "young age" of 38. I love it. Now I run trail races - look for me at the Telluride Mountain Run this year!
I'm a newly converted fan of Fantasy Books - current favorite: Throne of Glass and Stormlight Archives. BRIDGE FOUR!

- Current reads include: The Farseer Trilogy and Wheel of Time.
I LOVE my Jeep. It's definitely a Jeep thing. My soft top is one of my favorite purchases ever.
I've never lived anywhere but Colorado.

Favorite Vacation Spots: A toss up between Iceland and Kauai. And let's add Greece into the mix now too, we LOVED Santorini.
We got to experience Octoberfest in Munich in October 2023. That was SUPER COOL.
I love the smell of freezers. Reason: Unknown.

I have a Doberman named Jax who's my best hiking buddy. And a Mini Aussie named Cooper who's a little shit and barks at everyone.

We have an awesome cabin down in the San Luis Valley that we love to visit in the Summers.
A place that I'm pining to visit: Scotland and the Faroe Islands
I'm a 60s Psychedelic Rock and 90s Grunge fan. Who needs Kanye when you have Paul and John? Or is Kanye even hip anymore??

I shoot on Canon gear - I've shot Canon since the 90s when my Uncle gave me a Canon F1 film camera.
I'm a 5th generation Coloradan - I have photos of my family traveling to Colorado in Covered Wagons.