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Colorado Elopement and Wedding Photographer | 2021 Year in Review

Savannah Chandler Photography | 2021 Year in Review

Colorado Elopement and Wedding Photographer


I know there’s a lot of talk floating around about how the past year can show it’s self out the door – but I beg to differ.

While we continue to navigate the ever changing world, the wedding world has followed suit and will likely never be the same. Elopements and Intimate weddings are on the rise exponentially. Larger weddings are continuing on, with more and more couples committing themselves to one another that in the past few decades.

If I can describe my 2021 in one word: CRAZY

Like all those I know in the wedding industry, my year in photography consisted of two wedding seasons merged into one. 2020 postponements combined with all the new couples of 2021 in one larger than life year. I believe I was home for all of 7 days total in September this past year.

If there’s one thing I’ve always known about myself, it’s that I thrive in Chaos.

I can keep going and going – the little Savannah train that could. I can stay in active mode until my brain notices that I’ve stopped for just a few moments, then I finally crash. HARD.

This “on switch” of mine really came in handy this past year. Somehow, I made it through 2021 intact, and I HAD A BLAST.

I began my year off on January 2nd boarding down Copper Mountain for an elopement, started my busy season off with two trips down to the Epic Sand Dunes, jumped into summer heading down to the San Juan Mountains three times, spent more time in Estes Park that I have my entire life from July through September, had a minimum of 4 photos shoots each week from June 26 – October 9, spent all of Fall looking at epic foliage with couples, and concluded my year with the elopement of some dear friends we’ve known for 15 years.

To say I drove a lot during those months would be an understatement. I don’t know why I waited until this past year to find Audiobooks, but those books were my saving grace driving many hours from place to place – many times in the dead of night. If you haven’t read/listened to Throne of Glass yet – you’re missing out.

One of my favorite things about 2021 was that people were ready TO PARTY. If 2020 was the year of change and postponements, 2021 was the year of the epic party.

Every reception I photographed this year was poppin’. I don’t think my knees have dropped it that hot in many, many years. I danced with my couples. Watched them get thrown up into the air. Ate cake on the dance floor with bridesmaids while shaking our groovethang. Sang my heart out with glowsticks on my head alongside wedding guests. Boogied with wedding planners and videographers until last call. Did the Wobble and jumped with guests while one of my lenses decided it wanted to dance all the way onto the concrete floor. Got covered in many, many, many types and volume of confetti.

All that to say – ya gal likes to party and 2021 delivered.

The flip side to the epic party coin was 2021 bringing peaceful sunrises on all of my elopements. Epic parties of a different nature.

I witnessed couples commit themselves in places that are so beautiful, they don’t seem real. We toasted beers at the sunrise at Blue Lakes with Mt. Sneffels smiling from above. Ate charcuterie next to a waterfall after being in the lush alpine valley of Governor Basin. Sprayed champagne overlooking Snowmass Lake. Found BEAUTIFUL pockets of light on mountain passes. Hopped over rivers and into the middle of lakes. Had a FLOWER MAN with a fanny full of rose pedals – I had to wipes tears of laughter off my camera for that one. I wiped tears of joy off while watching the sun come up over Mt. Sniktau. And tears of love and emotion for family dances with the groom.

Below is just a snippet of my Colorado Elopements and Weddings. Some of my personal favorites from the past season celebrating Love with some of the best people on the planet.

To my Couples:

I love you all.

You trusted me with your wedding photographs and that means more than you’ll ever know.

I had the best year spending time with all of you.

I’ve said it many times, but some of my personal favorite memories are of other people’s weddings. I find it so amazing that I get to witness and partake in the weddings of you all.

Thank You.

From the bottom of my heart.

And now for the Random Facts of the past 12 months portion of my Essay:

Hiked over 400 miles, and gained over 100,000 feet of elevation.
Went backpacking twice for Elopements.
Only managed to squeeze in 5 14ers 😉
Saw some of the most SPECTACULAR sunrises
Listened to 27 books, totaling over 300 hours
Went to Hawaii for the first time in my life
Started Trail Running (not well, mind you)
Took our kiddo to Disneyworld for the first time
Added two new tats
Two new lenses and one new camera body acquired
Both those new lenses sent out for repair already
Watched my SISTER get married! And no, I didn’t photograph it 😉
Bought a new GREEN jeep!
Ended the year with our whole family catching Covid 🤖

Cheers to an amazing 2021.