Wild Basin Lodge Wedding Photographer | Ashley and TC | Allenspark, Colorado Wedding

Ashley and TC | Wild Basin Lodge Wedding | Allenspark, Colorado
Savannah Chandler Photography | Wild Basin Lodge Wedding Photographer



Where to even begin with this wedding?!?  I’ve gotten to know Ashley and TC over the past few years, and they’ve become some of my very favorite people.  I met TC back in 2014 when I flew out to Asheville to photograph Brad and Jessica’s wedding (which you can take a peek at HERE).  Looking back, I’m fairly certain that I have some images of TC being hoisted into the air by some fellow groomsmen at the end of the evening 🤣.  Last year, I got a call from TC saying that he had found “the one”, and he was going to propose.  We schemed on where and how he would propose to Ashley, and in May 2017 I sneakily met them up at Lost Gulch Overlook where TC popped the question (you can check out their proposal HERE).

When Ashley and TC told me they had chosen Wild Basin Lodge as their wedding venue, I was pretty stoked to say the least.  I’ve been in and around the Allenspark area, and have even stayed on the same road as Wild Basin Lodge, but had yet to photograph a wedding there.  As I’m sure you can tell, I’m quite mountain obsessed (really?!  That’s quite the shocker 😬).  I absolutely love how you can see Mount Meeker booming in the background at 13,911 feet elevation.  I do have a tendency to look at mountains that are in the background and get the urge to climb them.  One day, Meeker, one day.  You’re now on my “MUST CLIMB” list, so I can point and proclaim that I’ve summited the mountain behind Wild Basin Lodge.

On June 28, 2018 I headed out West alongside the St. Vrain Canyon (I’m sure blasting either some Beatles or 90s grunge) to photograph Ashley and TCs wedding.  I also knew that I’d get to see Brad and Jessica, who had just moved back to the states from Copenhagen, as Brad would now be TC’s best man.  We started getting ready and were able to take some family and bridal portraits prior to the ceremony – including a few emotional first looks with Ashley’s dad and step-dad.  I would say that was the beginning to all of the emotion of the day – which there was no shortage of.  Everyone was SO genuinely happy, and full of loving tears.

As we made the trek over to the ceremony site, the temperature began to slightly drop and the sun began to sink behind the clouds.  Ashley walked down the aisle to greet her groom on the arms of both her dads.  As someone who has seen many, many family dynamic situations, it makes my heart so happy to see families that have split love their children so much that they all function as one large, supportive family.  Just as Ashley was approaching the “altar”, I turned to notice TC had the perfect one single tear falling down his cheek.  This is the unicorn of photographing the groom seeing his bride for the first time – the single teardrop.  It just about made me tear up to see the love in both their faces.  One of my favorite things Ashley and TC did during their Wild Basin Lodge wedding was to take just a moment to look out at the view – a moment to have to themselves.  It can be so hard to find time to have a moment of silent bliss on your wedding day, and this was the perfect time to just “be”.  To conclude their ceremony, all the guests had butterflies to release into the sky.

Once we began photographing their couple’s portraits, I looked down at my arm to notice it was incredibly orange.  I’m all about light (and I have ZERO poker face when it comes to yelling out “OMG THAT LIGHT IS SO PRETTY”), so noticing the shift in color was somewhat odd for 3:00 in the afternoon.  We looked up into the sky and noticed that a huge smoke plume had formed – it turns out that a large wildfire near Grand Lake (just on the other side of the Continental Divide) had started that day.  It makes me incredibly sad to know that Colorado is on fire, but man oh man does smoke make for some amazing lighting.

For their reception, Ashley and TC decided to host their entire event outside.  Which I am a HUGE fan of, for multiple reasons.  The lighting is always fantastic outside, as long as it’s decent weather everyone enjoys being outdoors, and YOU GET TO HANG OUT OUTSIDE.  Outside is where it’s at.  😃 As the night progressed, some fantastic dancing began to break out – including TC and Ashley dancing out on the rock near the riverside.  Due to the fire bans (which clearly are a good thing seeing that a wildfire broke out already), a sparkler exit was a no go – so a “bell and ribbon” exit it was.  I still have my ribbon in my office – I love being able to take home a small piece of each wedding I photograph if it’s possible.

After the night ended, we headed over by St. Malo on the Rocks to capture some sunset portraits.  I knew the smoke sky wouldn’t disappoint, and boy oh boy was I right.  We caught a fantastic sky, and photographed until the light ran out.

Thank you again, Ashley and TC, for inviting us to celebrate your Wild Basin Lodge wedding with you.  It was truly an honor to be alongside with you on your wedding day.


Vendors for Ashley and TC’s Wild Basin Lodge Wedding:
Venue: Wild Basin Lodge
Florist:  Lace and Lilies 
Hair and Makeup: Estes Park Bridal Company
Cake and Desserts: Whole Foods
Secondary Photographer: Jennie Crate


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Summit County Engagement Photographer | Cecily and Jimmy | Loveland Pass and Lake Dillon Engagement

Cecily and Jimmy | Loveland Pass and Lake Dillon Engagement
Savannah Chandler Photography | Summit County Engagement Photographer






Cecily and Jimmy are having a Colorado destination wedding this upcoming August in Estes Park at the new Fall River Village.  They’ll be flying out from Virginia, along with all of their family and friends to celebrate in the Rocky Mountains.  This past month, the two of them headed West to check out their wedding venue and spend some time in Breckenridge (where their family cabin is located – and also where they got engaged) and we met up to photograph their engagement portraits.  We settled on meeting at Loveland Pass, and possibly hiking up a little ways on the initial incline that heads out towards Mt. Sniktau and Cupid Peak.  When we got to the pass – it was cold and windy AF.  The start of the trail sits at 11,990 feet of elevation – meaning there’s no trees even at the very base to help shield the wind.  As we were walking up, we found a small patch of wild flowers that were sitting alongside the trailhead and decided to hang out there and forgo hiking up any further (as it’d just mean more wind and less air).  Having to photograph in wind, I LOVE when the ladies wear flowy fabrics.  Wind swept dresses are one of my very favorite things.

After we had enough of the wind and cold, we decided to seek lower ground and head towards Lake Dillon.  I’ve photographed at the lake multiple times in the winter, but this was my first time visiting the lake in the summer!  I knew that down by the Dillon Marina was my favorite view of the Ten Mile mountain range – especially in the evening as the sun is beginning to crest over the mountains.  We got out of the car at the marina – and ZERO WIND and it was a lovely 75* outside.  I may not be a beach person, but a beach that’s mountainside – with a beautiful couple and stunning light??  Yes please.  I’ll take that kind of beach any day.

We hung out on (and in) the water until the sun set down behind Buffalo Mountain off to the West.  The day ended up being one of my favorite adventures of the beginning of this wedding season.

I can’t wait to head up to Estes Park on October 7 to celebrate with you, Cecily and Jimmy! <3 . Say hello to the East Coast for me in the meantime! 🙂










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Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding Photographer | Kelly and Patrick | Mountainside Spruce Mountain Wedding

Kelly and Patrick | Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding | Mountainside Ceremony
Savannah Chandler Photography | Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding Photographer




Back when I got married in 2011, we chose May 26th as our wedding day.  That was the year I began photographing (granted I thought I wanted to photograph newborns back then…. a big NOPE to that one now), and we must have picked a great day as I think I’ve photographed on our anniversary every year since then.  This year, I joined Kelly and Patrick on May 26th for their Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding.  Spruce Mountain Ranch has multiple wedding locations – all of which I’ve been blessed to photograph at, and they’re all beautiful.  Kelly and Patrick choose to get married up at the Mountainside ceremony site, overlooking the valley and nearby mountains.  Of all the times I’ve photographed at Spruce Mountain Ranch, this was my first time attending a spring wedding.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed all of the vibrant yellow wildflowers that were in bloom alongside the property and waterfront.  Spring in Colorado is such a lovely time (and the weather is typically mild yet still sunny).

My second photographer (the amazing Melissa) and I arrived on site a little early and found Patrick and a few good friends doing yoga out in front of Grace’s Chapel.  I think that starting the day of your wedding doing yoga alongside mountain views under the shade of a beautiful tree is a fantastic idea – one that I might start putting into practice before I head out to photograph.  🙂

Following their ceremony, we hung out up on the mountainside to take some portraits – and perhaps more importantly – blow some bubbles.  Bubbles – I’m telling ya, everyone loves them.  The kids, the adults, brides, grooms, photographers (guilty) – EVERYONE.  If you want to see happy guests, put out some bubbles.

Throughout the day, Melissa and I had friendly chatter going on if we’d see a sunset or not.  The sky was blanketed in some pretty thick clouds, the kind that can really mask the sun and provide a WOMP WOMP sunset.  I kept hoping that at some point the sun would peek through and give us a little color.  We headed outside to photograph a few more extended family portraits just after dinner had ended, and boy-oh-boy did the sky turn colors.  Everything turned a bright orange hue.  It was the most spectacular sunset I’ve experienced up at Spruce Mountain Ranch to date.

We topped off the rest of the evening dancing with family and friends.  Oh, and some more bubble blowing.  To end their wedding day, Kelly and Patrick exited into a ROLLS ROYCE.  Yes, a RR.  It was quite the stunning car.  I may have stared at it a little too long in awe.

Thank you, Kelly and Patrick, for inviting us to celebrate your Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding with you.  Congratulations, and I wish the both of you a lifetime of happiness.

Venue: Spruce Mountain Ranch
Planner: Brandi with Cheers Wedding Planning
Florals: Bride
Band: Diamond Empire Band
Car Service: Chauffeured Events
Secondary Photographer: Melissa Minkner

Boulder Elopement Photographer | Katie and Brad | Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding

Katie and Brad | Sunrise Amphitheater Intimate Wedding
Savannah Chandler Photography | Boulder Elopement Photographer



boulder elopement photographer bride and groom at lost gulch overlook

Katie and Brad were wed up on Flagstaff Mountain at Sunrise Amphitheater, an overlook just above Boulder, Colorado with stunning views of the town below.   They had their families join them all the way from Indiana for their intimate ceremony up on the mountain.

One of the great things about having an intimate wedding is having flexibility – when we saw the weather forecast and impending storms heading towards Boulder in the evening, we decided to move their ceremony and portraits up to 11:30 in the morning.  This ended up being a fantastic decision, we were graced with a little bit of sunshine followed by some crazy intense pre-storm skies.

Once the decision was made to move our time together earlier in the day, I met Katie and Brad up at Sunrise Amphitheater for their intimate ceremony.  They wanted to do a first look out on the rocks, followed by a Sake shot together (which is most definitely a great way in my opinion to start the celebration of your union).  I headed down to greet their families and watch the bride and groom walk down the aisle to their ceremony together.  One thing that was important for Katie and Brad was to have a friend who knew the two of them be the person to officiate their ceremony.  Their good friend was able to fly out to Colorado to do just that – marry them after NINE YEARS together.  Yes, nine years.  Katie and Brad were high school sweethearts, and even have prom photos together.  I don’t know why, but I think that’s so awesome when couples have prom photos together as well as wedding photos.  Maybe it’s the photo nerd in me 🤓

After their intimate ceremony was concluded, we spend some time taking family portraits up at Sunrise Amphitheater.  I love to include portraits of just your guests individually alongside the formal family portraits, when was the last time your parents/aunt and uncle/crazy cousins had a professional photo taken of just them?!?  We said goodbye to Sunrise Amphitheater after a Champagne toast up on the mountain.

To finish our time together, we headed to a few spots up on Flagstaff Mountain for some couple’s portraits.  The sky started to turn a deep blue with distant rain once we headed over to Artist Point – which makes for some beautifully dramatic wedding portraits.  We finished our time as the rain started to approach the Boulder area at Lost Gulch Overlook – which is one of my favorite places to take couples for portraits due to the dramatic rocks with the Continental divide in the background.

Thank you, Katie and Brad, for inviting me to celebrate your Intimate Boulder Wedding with you!

Cheers –

Venue:  Sunrise Amphitheater

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Iceland Elopement Photographer | Amanda and Justin | Day After Session | Snaefellsness Peninsula

Amanda and Justin | Adventure Session | Snafellsness Peninsula
Savannah Chandler Photography | Iceland Elopement Photographer

iceland elopement photographer iceland wedding bride and groom on snafellsness peninsula



Day two of our Epic Iceland elopement photography adventure! 😉

We may have gotten home around midnight the night before on Amanda and Justin’s wedding day (which you can check out HERE), but that didn’t stop us from having another day full of crazy adventures.  We met Amanda and Justin at their hotel, Centerklopp, where my sister and I did her hair and makeup again before heading out to the Snafellsness Peninsula.  When I visited Iceland back in 2015 for Cici and Zach’s elopement (view HERE to check it out), they had their wedding ceremony on Snafellsness at the Church of Budir.  The difference in the way the landscape looked from a foggy day in October to a sunny day in April was pretty astounding.  I was so excited to see that there were large mountains with very interesting jagged peaks jetting out across the horizon.

We began our morning by running into some Icelandic horses – with wind blown hair and all!  They were so sweet, and came right up to the fence to greet us.  One of them really liked to try and eat Amanda’s hair though, which made for some interesting moments.  😆Onward ho, we headed towards the iconic Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss.  One thing that we learned on this Iceland elopement adventure was that everything and everywhere was named to describe what it is – Kirkjufell means “Church Mountain”, and Kirkjufellsfoss means “Church Mountain Waterfall”.  As we approached the area where Kirkjufellsfoss is located, we noticed a stunning elongated mountain – which turns out is Kirkjufell from the side!  I had no idea that this cone shaped mountain was only cone shaped from the front.  #TheMoreYouKnow .  Some time was spent walking around the area of Kirkjufellsfoss as the light hit the ridge to the SouthEast.

Our next stop on our Iceland elopement adventure was to an amazing Lava and Moss field, just caddy corner from Bu∂ir.  The way the light was hitting the bright green moss was one of my favorite looks of the entire trip – and was quintessential Iceland (if there is such a thing as the whole island is SO DIVERSE!).

To end our evening together, we were headed off of the Snafellsness peninsula and back towards Reykjavik, planning to stop at some basalt columns.  As we were driving, we watched the sky turn colors and sunset started to descend upon us.  We decided to stop at a lovely field instead of driving on, as the sky became too beautiful to pass by.  Looking back, this was probably my favorite area we photographed at all day.  Sometimes, it’s the unstopped and spontaneous locations that end up being the best.

We capped off our second day by attempting to get some jumping shots of all the “wedding attendants” – Amanda, Justin, myself, and my siblings (Cassidee and Alex).  If you want to get a bunch of adults to laugh, get them to all jump and try to take a photo.  It was a blast, and a great way to end our time together in Iceland.

Amanda and Justin – I can’t describe in words the feelings I get thinking back upon your Iceland elopement adventure.  You were the most adventurous, loving, spontaneous, just all around awesome couple.  I wish you nothing but love, happiness, and amazing travels together.  I can’t wait to hear all about your upcoming travels, including ANTARCTICA!

Thank you for inviting me (and my family) to celebrate with you.

Cheers –

Savannah Chandler Photography | Iceland Elopement Photographer

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Iceland Wedding Photographer | Snafellsness Peninsula


Ready to head to ICELAND and elope?  I’m more than happy to help with any details and planning that I can.  Let’s plan an adventure together!