Lost Gulch Proposal Photographer | Michael and Rachel | Boulder Colorado

Michael and Rachel | Proposal on Lost Gulch Overlook

Savannah Chandler Photography | Boulder Engagement Photographer


Proposals are always full of adrenaline – the concept of blending in behind a rock and jumping out to catch “bending the knee” is one that makes my heart race.

I talked with Michael quite a few times in preparation for their Lost Gulch Overlook proposal and following engagement session.  I always be sure to get photos of the couple, as well as their vehicle.  I knew that they’d be pulling up in Michael’s white Honda at 2:30 pm.  My second photographer and myself traded taking photographs of each other up on the rocks, as well as the lovely view of the Never Summer range to the South West of Boulder and looking out into Rocky Mountain National Park.

We saw a white Honda pull up right on time, and knew it was go time.  As Michael and Rachel headed out towards the overlook, we kept a close eye on their location and followed them out the the Western most point on the rocks.  At roughly 2:35pm, Michael dropped down to one knee and proposed to Rachel.  These are the moments when you can feel your heart pounding out of your chest – my fingers were shaking for quite some time from the rush.

Once Michael pointed us out, we took some time to photograph at Lost Gulch overlook and spray some champagne in celebration.  One of the great things about late April on Flagstaff mountain is that it’s not too terribly hot yet.  We were able to outrun the coming storm system, and then head up the road to the Flatiron Vista Trailhead.  We originally thought of heading to Chautauqua park, however, on 4/20 in Boulder – the crowds are always massive.  Able to escape the city and crowds, we walked around the Vista Trailhead.  There were tons of beautiful yellow flowers on the ground.  Spring was certainly in bloom.

I wish you both the best of luck, and nothing but happiness.  Thank you for adventuring with me up near Boulder!!



Second Photographer: Amanda Maughmer



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Lake Dillon Engagement Photographer | Emily and Jake | Summit County Engagement

Emily and Jake | Lake Dillon Engagement
lake-dillon-engagement-photographerSavannah Chandler Photography | Keystone Engagement Photographer



It’s finally almost summer, and all the ice is melting here in the Colorado high country.  Just the day before I met Emily and Jake for their Lake Dillon engagement session, IT SNOWED.  The Breckenridge area got almost a foot of snow in the higher elevations – on May 23.  Being a fifth generation Coloradan, I’ve never surprised by large spring snow storms.  I get a little perturbed that I can’t yet go 4×4’ing in the jeep yet and that all the high alpine lakes are still too cold to SUP in, but never surprised anymore.

Once we took a look at the weather report the week of their session, I’m so incredibly glad that we moved our session back by a day.  We got amazing sunlight, and no snow on the ground.  Down near Lake Dillon, the weather was quite pleasant.  A balmy 60* or so, with no winds.  We headed out towards where dock #3 used to be, only to be (not so pleasantly) surprised that they had torn out the dock with the addition of the new Dillon Amphitheater.  It looks like quite the amazing location for a concert, but the beautiful dock that I loved photographing on is no more.  Nevertheless, we headed out onto the sandy beaches of the Lake Dillon Marina and walked around in the sunlight for some portraits.

Jake has just moved to Colorado this past February (during one of our worst winters in recent memory of course) – and he wanted to visit a lovely “top down” mountain view.  We headed up to Swan Lake road, which has a stunning overlook at the summit.  As we walked towards the summit trail at Sapphire point, he made a comment that this was the most beautiful place he’d ever seen.  I love when couples have a moment during our time together that means something to them – and I hope that every time they look back at their photographs they are reminded of those special moments.

Although there was a lot of sun, once we were at 9,500 elevation, it was quite chilly.  The temps dropped into the low 40’s.  Just as the sun was dipping over the Ten Mile range in the background, we headed to the Mustang to get Jake and Emily warm.  I’m incredibly warm blooded, so it’s very easy for me to forget how cold out it really is ;).  As the clouds began to turn colors, I asked Emily and Jake to place my flash inside their vehicle so we could get some photographs in Jake’s coveted ‘Stang.  I’ve since been told that those are his favorite images.

Thank you, Emily and Jake, for adventuring around Summit County with me!  I can’t wait to work with Sweetly Paired Events for your wedding in Granby next January!


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Dream Lake Adventure Session | Ashley and TC | Rocky Mountain National Park elopement photographer

Ashley and TC | Dream Lake Adventure Session

Savannah Chandler Photography | Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement Photographer




I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing couples during my time as a wedding photographer here in Colorado.  I’ve met people from all walks of life, most of whom agree that Colorado and the outdoors are pretty damn awesome.  Insert Ashley and Tc.  If you want to hear even more gushing about these two amazing humans – you can check out their proposal story HERE and their wedding day story HERE.  But for today – I will gush some more.  Side note – remember Gushers candy?  Yum.

I went to go meet Ashley and TC for dinner one night, just to catch up and say hello.  We met at a local brewery, and just talked about life.  TC brought up the question if Ashley should clean her gown – to which I replied HELL NO.  Let’s go hiking at 4:45 in the morning to an amazing frozen lake you can walk out onto and take photos.  They replied with the same amount of enthusiasm with a HELL YES.

So one lovely winter morning, we met in Estes Park and began hiking at just before 5:00am.  The hike to Dream Lake took 26 minutes (thanks, Garmin watch) – which isn’t too terrible for a winter hike.  When we got to the lake – the weather couldn’t have been better.  No wind.  No clouds.  Lots of sunshine coming up over the horizon.  Right as they walked out onto the frozen water – the entire mountain range turned bright pinkish red.  Pred we shall call the color.  This was the most glorious Alpenglow I’d seen up at Dream Lake at all my times visiting.

We basked in the pred glow of the sun rising, just long enough for Ashley not to freeze in her strapless Little White Dress gown.  #Badassbride.  Just as the sun hit the side of Bear mountain, we began to descend the 1.1 miles and 450 feet down to the parking lot.  One great thing about a sunrise session is that you still have the rest of the day!

Thank you, Ashley and TC for being some of the most incredible people – Inside and out.  I can’t wait to hear of your journeys in Charleston.  And I’m really REALLY looking forward to seeing the two of you in the South in the not too distant future when we come visit. <3








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Iceland Elopement | Vik and Snafellsness | Kim and Scott

Kim and Scott | Iceland Elopement
Vik, Suderland and Snafellsness Peninsula



Savannah Chandler Photography | Iceland Elopement Photographer




Oh Iceland.  How I love thee.  My heart loves Colorado, but I’m always longing to be in the Icelandic fog with the misty wind in my hair.  I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph 3 Iceland elopements in the past few years – twice now in October and once in April.  I’ve stood on black sand beaches in 40+ MPH winds and let the sand pummel my face, climbed up gorges, walked across glaciers, scurried across scree mountaineering, walked through an abandoned plane wreck… and so, so much more.  There will always be a piece of my heart in the Land of Fire and Ice.

So (obviously), I was elated when Kim and Scott wanted to elope in Iceland and adventure throughout the South of the island as well as in the Western Peninsula.  As I always advise my couples on Iceland elopements, we waited until the week of our arrival to definitively set an elopement date based on when the weather looked to be the best.  Which still meant STRONG winds and very cold temperatures.  One of my favorite things about elopements in Iceland is how adventurous the day is – we drive to some of the most stunning locations in the world.  Quite literally.

We met this past October near Vik – we were hoping to begin our day at Dyrholaey however the weather had other plans for us.  It was so foggy, the coast line near Dyrholaey looked like a white abyss.  We headed towards Reynisfjara, the infamous Black Sand Beach in search of better views and amazing columns.  We spent a few minutes exploring the beach – getting blasted by sand covered by ocean spray.

Seeking less winds and (slightly more) warmth, we headed to a nearby glacier lagoon and tongue.  Jokursarlon is not the only glacier lagoon in Iceland – there are plenty of amazing lagoons and glacial tongues within a days drive of Reykjavik (unless you’re crazy like we are, and you head on the 4 hour drive to Jokursarlon right after your 7 hour flight).  This particular glacier lagoon sits directly in front of a canyon as well as right along a massive active glacial wall.  Surprisingly, there was hardly any wind and it felt warmer – STANDING ON ICE.

To cap our day off, we headed on the 5 mile hike out to the Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck.  The hike out didn’t feel too bad at all.  It’s flat, and very well marked.  We arrived just as the night was about to fall upon Southern Iceland, the sky turning a deep blue.  Kim was quite the adventurous bride – and climbed on top of the plane in what can only be described as a giant wind sail.  As the land became dark, we headed back to our car to drive back to Reykjavik.  The hike back was not as “lovely” feeling as before – it felt like a dark eternity 🤪

The next day, we all slept in a little bit and then headed Northwest to Snafellsness Peninsula.  Kim and Scott didn’t get engagement portraits back in their home of Boston and decided to use their second day of portraits to take images in their everyday wear.  We began our day at some lesser known cliffs, climbing around and attempted to climb to the top.  Myself and Kim decided we like our lives, and that we’d rather live to see another day than try to do the jump move required to reach the top of the platform.

Heading to the West, we stopped at a personal favorite spot of mine – The Black Church at Budir.  This was the location where my first Iceland elopement was held, and it will always hold a place in my adventurous heart.  We kept heading West, and ended our day venturing near the fishing towns of Hellnar and Arnastapi.  The cliffs out this way along the old fisherman’s walking path are breathtaking.  And not in the Seinfeld manor 😆.  The waves kept booming against the sheer rocks cliffs, where the tops were covered in mossy lava.  After a good day of adventuring, we all headed to a tiny pizzeria in Arnastapi – which had delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere.

Thank you for adventuring around the Land of Fire and Ice with us for your Iceland Elopement, Kim and Scott.  It was an adventure I’ll never forget.

And a special Thank You to my brother and sister for coming out to Iceland and being my sherpas once again.



Cheers –



 _________________________________Elopement Day: Vik and Southern Iceland ____________________________


_____________________________________ Day Two: Snafellsness Peninsula Adventure _____________________________________






Having and Iceland Elopement?  Want help planning out your adventure?  Contact Us below, we’re always happy to travel to Iceland and offer special pricing on Iceland Elopements.



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Granby Wedding Photographer | Alyssa and Kyle | The Lodge at Crestview Ranch

Alyssa and Kyle | The Lodge at Crestview Ranch Wedding



Savannah Chandler Photography | Granby Wedding Photographer




I met Alyssa and Kyle through another Denver wedding photographer.  We initially met for lunch in the DTC area at a golf club where Kyle golfs often at.  I was so excited to hear all about their Granby wedding at one of the area’s newer wedding venues – The Lodge at Crestview Ranch.  I had heard of Crestview Ranch from some fellow colleagues, but had yet to photograph there myself.  After discussing their wedding day and details, I knew that it would be a stunning, full of personal details day.

We arrived early in the afternoon while the gals were getting ready (and the guys were playing cornhole).  I knew that Alyssa would have some stunning details – and some that were very personal.  One of my personal favorite items were wine glasses that said “ex girlfriend, ex fiance, wife/husband”.  I’m not quite sure why, but I think it’s absolutely hilarious and one of my new favorite ways to introduce a partner – “Oh is that your Fiance?” “Yes, this is my ex-boyfriend and soon be ex-fiance”.  😆

Of the more personal items, Alyssa was gifted a stunning necklace that belonged to Kyle’s grandmother.  Kyle’s sister told us that 4 years ago, before she passed, Kyle said he knew that he had found the person that he was going to marry and asked if he could gift the necklace to Alyssa on their wedding day.  Four years ago.  Before he proposed, before many of life’s ups and downs.  That right there brought a tear to my eye behind the camera.

As the sun continued to beam down upon Granby, Alyssa and Kyle’s ceremony was full of sun, love, humor, and tears.  I always try to remember bits and pieces of what was said at my couple’s ceremonies – I really, truly love to hear your personal vows.  As a married person, I also love hearing vows that remind me of why I personally got married and the things that mean the most on your wedding day.  I remembered that in our initial conversation, Kyle and Alyssa had told me that they had been together a long time and would have many, many people celebrating with them.  And to recede from their ceremony, the many people celebrating would be tossing paper airplanes at them.  Of all the weddings I’ve photographed, a paper airplane recessional was a first.  And was SO MUCH FUN.

After walking around the property for a while capturing their family, bridal party, and couple’s portraits the sun began setting behind the horizon and the entire sky filled with color.  One think about September in Colorado is that we tend to get a lot of wildfires.  Which is such a sad, sad thing.  But makes for the most amazing sunsets.  The skies turn amazing shades of orange and pink.  This past September was no exception – there were wildfires raging and the sun put on the most spectacular show in the sky.  Above Rocky Mountain National Park, the entire sky filled with bright orange and pink clouds.  Alyssa and Kyle were (beyond) troopers and set out into the marshy field across the pond to capture reflection photographs.  Just as the sun went down, we finished our time before the reception in the small Aspen grove just behind where they’d be doing their grand entrance from.

Then… the party began.  I love live bands.  There’s something SO FUN about live music at a wedding.  All the guests, of all ages, get out of their seats to boogie.  Alyssa and Kyle’s reception was no exception – everyone was having a grand time enjoying the band.  One other thing that I found out about the bride and groom is that they are exceptional dancers.

To end our time together, everyone gathered round to say goodbye in a grand exit and sent Alyssa and Kyle off with a bang.

Thank you for inviting me to celebrate with you and your loved ones, Alyssa and Kyle.  It was truly and honor.  I wish you a lifetime of happiness, travel, and many nights of Northern Lights <3












Venue: The Lodge at Crestview Ranch
Secondary Photographer: Jerry Blackwell


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