Colorado Proposal Photographer | Larke and Taylor | Estes Park Engagement

Larke and Taylor | Rocky Mountain National Park Proposal and Engagement

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Savannah Chandler Photography | Estes Park Engagement Photographer

Larke contacted me about photographing her and her boyfriend in Estes Park on their vacation to Colorado. They travel often, getting photographs taken during all of their travels. This trip was with her boyfriend, Taylor’s, grandfather to Rocky Mountain National Park. The park is a place where he grew up coming to, and continued to bring his family to because he loved the surrounding beauty. I was incredibly excited to spend time with Larke, Taylor, and his Grandfather.

About two days after I spoke with Larke, I received and email from Taylor. He was planning on proposing during our time together!! We talked about logistics, and how to make sure that Larke had no clue what was going to happen.

On August 20, right before the sun started to come up over the horizon, I met Larke and Taylor at the Ute Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a fabulous location, and is easily accessible for nearly all physical levels. There’s a specific rock that I love, that overlooks the Forest Canyon and the Never Summer mountain range. I told Larke and Taylor for the alpenglow of sunrise, that would be the best spot.

I knew Taylor was going to take a knee shortly. He had also arranged for Larke’s parents to fly out to Colorado, and walk out to the spot where we were about 10 minutes after we got there. I knew that they were coming, and as soon as he saw them in the background he was going to propose.

We heard a car pull up, and I knew that it was “Go Time”. I told Larke and Taylor to look at me for a photo, and then to “Look Behind Me”. At that point, Taylor dropped to his knee and totally surprised Larke. I think that she was so in shock at that exact moment, she didn’t notice that her parents were there until after he stood up and pointed them out. It was truly a great moment to be a part of, and I’m so happy that all of their family was there as well to celebrate.

As the sun started coming up, we spent some time photographing the now engaged couple 😃. We got quite the amazing Colorado sky that morning. The oranges and pinks really were out all morning for sunrise. And for being at nearly 12,000 feet, it really was fairly warm. You know, around 45-50•.

We concluded our time at Sprague Lake, up on the other side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Another fantastic location for portraits, I love how majestic Hallett Peak looks in the background booming up behind the lake.

Thank you for inviting me to celebrate what became your engagement. It was a great morning and one that I know I’ll always have fond memories of. I hope that Louisiana is fantastic, and that the two of you are much warmer than we are here in Colorado today 😜

Cheers –

Locations are all within Rocky Mountain National Park
Second Shooter: Amanda M.

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Colorado Snowboarding Elopement | Audrey and Ted | Arapahoe Basin Wedding Photographer

Audrey and Ted | Arapahoe Basin and Black Mountain Lodge Wedding

Savannah Chandler Photography | Colorado Snowboarding wedding photographer

Two things that I love in this world: photographing weddings and snowboarding. I’ve been snowboarding since the mid 90’s, and still love to get up and shred down some “pow-pow”. Being a Colorado native, I grew up hitting the slopes as often as I could. I still try to do so, but life has a crazy way of “getting in the way” from time to time.

When I talked to Audrey about her and Ted’s elopement, I was so excited to hear that they wanted to spend the day up on the mountain on their boards. They got engaged up on the Zuma bowls, and even named their doggo Zuma after the famous runs. Getting married up at Arapahoe Basin made perfect sense for the pair.

We met near the base, and headed up the Black Mountain Express towards the top of the mountain. One thing that was important to Audrey and Ted was to spend a few minutes near the Montezuma Bowl and take some photos of the two of them with and without their boards.

We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather on a December day!! It was lovely out, and in the sun it felt rather warm. The snow was still that of early season – but it was much better than I expected! We headed down the slopes, taking our time getting angles on the way to the Black Mountain Lodge for their ceremony.

Once we boarded into the lodge, we were greeted by all of Audrey and Ted’s family and friends – including their adorable daughter. The couple kept their snow attire on for the ceremony – which I absolutely LOVE. I think that bringing pieces of who you truly are into your wedding is absolutely amazing. As I told a few guests – this was the MOST Colorado wedding ever. And with how much I LOVE my home state of Colorado, I’m honored to have been invited to photograph such an occasion.

Thank you, Audrey and Ted, for inviting us to celebrate your awesome, ever so Colorado wedding, with you and your loved ones. I wish you all the best, and I hope to get up on the slopes and shred some powdey with the two of you in the future!!

Cheers –

Audrey and Ted | Arapahoe Basin Snowboarding Wedding | Black Mountain Lodge Ceremony

Second shooter: Natalie M.

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Wild Basin Lodge Wedding | Abby and Ilan | Traditional Jewish Celebration

Abby and Ilan | Wild Basin Lodge Wedding

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Savannah Chandler Photography | Estes Park Wedding Photographer

Some weddings leave a big, soppy spot on your heart. That is exactly how I feel about Abby and Ilan’s Wild Basin Lodge wedding.

I very first spoke to Abby and Ilan from a hospital floor “patient dining room” via. FaceTime. It was the period in time where my son was undergoing chemotherapy – and that was my option. Abby and Ilan were more than understanding, and totally supportive of what was happening in MY LIFE, during a chat about THEIR wedding. These two are truly the best kind of humans – ones who genuinely care. It makes TOTAL sense to me that they both are going into the medical field, and I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things these two kind humans do in the future.

Abby and Ilan are both of the Jewish faith. They invited me to celebrate Havdalah on Saturday night with them and their closest family and friends. There was food, followed by some very heartfelt toasts, and then one of my favorite experiences (as a human and a photographer) – a candle light ceremony to signal the end of the Sabbath and campfire songs under the stars. The moon was just making it’s way over the horizon right as the celebration began – making for an amazing moonglow over the adjacent Chapin, Chiquita, and Ypslion mountains. This is also one of my favorite images to date – as pushing to get angles, exposures, and moments can be very difficult. I am SO glad that I decided to step outside of my normal shooting boundries and went for that one shot (it literally was one shot, that I had one shot to get 😬).

The next morning, the wedding day was no less amazing. As with many wedding, Abby and Ilan gave each other gifts. However, these gifts were like this couple: truly thoughtful and lovely. Abby sang Ilan’s favorite song in Hebrew and recorded it alongside a track by one of their friend’s band. I don’t think there was a dry eye on the balcony during the whole song. Ilan had a stunning wooden box made, and inside it were photos, tickets, and even the original Email where they were introduced. So many fun and sweet memories to hear about.

As the day went on, so did the happy tears and my favorite – Lots of singing and dancing. I had SO MUCH FUN dancing along with everyone, from pre-ceremony all the way through the traditional Jewish dancing and Hora. I even found myself up on a ledge (getting those angles, of course 🤓) dancing along. The day was SO full of love, laughter, and EVERYONE felt included – even us crazy photographers.

I hope that you all enjoy Abby and Ilan’s photos as much as I did producing them. As the saying goes – you’ll always remember how people made you feel. I’ll always remember Abby and Ilan’s wedding – not only for the awesome photos, but sheerly for the way I was made to feel.

The most sincerest of Thank You’s and Well Wishes to the two of you as you begin your life as a married couple.

Cheers, and Mazel Tov.


Venue: Wild Basin Lodge
Traditional Jewish Band:
Reception Band:
Secondary Photographer: The ever-amazing Amanda M.

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Dream Lake Engagement | Emily and Coty | Estes Park Engagement Photographer

Emily and Coty | Dream Lake Engagement

Savannah Chandler Photography | Estes Park Engagement Photographer

Ahhhhh, Dream Lake. With it’s stunning shoreline, Hallett Peak majestically booming in the background, and some of the best sunrise light out there. Oh, and it’s only a 2.2 mile roundtrip hike! Such a short hike to have such an amazing payoff. It’s one of my favorite locations within Estes Park to tell out of state visitors to check out.

As stunning as sunrise is at Dream, to catch the amazing pink light hitting the crescent shaped mountain and spires, you have to begin hiking early in the dark. And in June, you have to start the earliest due to the sun rising so early in the morning. There may be snow in these photos, but don’t let that deceive you. THIS WAS IN JUNE, lol. The summer of 2019 was off to a cold (or more so than recent years) start. The snow lasted in high elevations through August. Just something to always be prepared for here in Crazy Colorado – it could be super frosty during any month 😬

I met Emily and Coty at the trailhead before 5am, so we could spend just under a half hour making our way up the packed down trail. We made it up to the lake just as the sun was beginning to hit the horizon. That first light will always be stunning to me, no matter how many beautiful sunrises I witness. Seeing the sun rise about the trees to meet the land is surreal.

We spend some time, along with Emily’s parents, trekking around in the snow and around the lake’s shores. This particular morning provided red light on the mountains for what seemed like forever! Once the light fully reached over the horizon, we were ready to make our way down into the valleys of Rocky Mountain National Park.

To cap off our awesome Estes Park engagement session, we made a stop at the Beaver ponds in Moraine Valley. Another favorite, and very easily accessible, location with Rocky.

Congratulations, Emily and Coty, and I wish you all the best!!


Check out Rocky Mountain National Park’s Website HERE

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Some Behind the Scenes from 2019

Savannah Chandler Photography | 2019 | Year in Review


I have a lot to say about this past year. To say that a lot happened would be a gross understatement. If I were to put it into one word, it would most likely be: Transformation.

We started our year off not exactly knowing what was going to happen with our son, Colton. To those of you who are unaware, he was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in mid-2018. We spent New Years’s Eve and Day at Children’s hospital while our son was incredibly sick from receiving his second stem cell transplant. The year started in limbo – a place that I’ve never been fond of.

February came, and we finally got to the end of Colton’s treatment. Remission. No evidence of disease. He got to ring the bell on February 25. To those wondering, he’s doing amazing and feels great these days. He started Kinder this past August.

Being in Limbo meant I only took on what I thought would end up being a few weddings, until we were more certain about Colton’s future. I made a huge decision this past year: I decided to only photograph weddings where I felt a genuine connection to the couple and piece of Earth that they’d be celebrating at.

In making this decision, I can say that I’ve had an awesome 2019 with some of the most amazing couples. What I thought would be a slow year turned out to be one of my busiest, and I photographed the most Elopements I ever have this year. I spent my time in places that I love: Keystone, Estes Park, on top of 13ers, Allenspark, Mount Evans, Granby, Vail… All amazing mountains and towns that sing to my soul. During that time, I hiked into the sunset with a couple here from Minnesota to elope on Chiquita Mountain. I rode a party bus up Mt Evans to celebrate with one of our dearest friends and his new wife. I cried my eyes out nearly all day at an incredibly heartfelt traditional Jewish wedding. I got to spend time with couples from previous years and catch up. I hung out the back of a pickup truck while driving around photographing a pre-wedding mountain bike trip. I saw SO many deer and moose try to photobomb us. I hiked to Dream Lake freaking NINE TIMES this summer with amazing couples to catch awesome alpenglows and sunsets. I snowboarded down Arapahoe Basin and straight into an elopement ceremony. I stood out in the snow on June 22. I tried to outrun rain countless times. I spent nearly all my summer and fall chasing light.

I am so deeply thrilled to my core with how 2019 turned out.

To top off our year of transformation, my personal life literally took a 180. We sold our house and bought a new one, I got my new Jeep, we rehomed the most amazing dog, my husband switched career fields, we decided to last minute vacation in Norway – and we decided that the best thing to do is to keep looking forward. Out with the negative, in with the positive.

2020 – I’m looking at you.

I can’t wait to look back and see all the amazing adventures from this upcoming year.

Cheers, and a Happy New Year. Here’s to an amazing 2020.

A few Tidbits of Super Random Information from this last year:

– Nearly 100 miles hiked, and 25,000 miles of elevation climbed.
– Have snowboarded nearly 75 miles already, and it’s not even Januray!
– Put over 26,000 miles on my brand new Jeep 😳
– Saw 8 Alpenglow sunrises for shoots
– Countless sunsets, so many I bought new lighting equipment 🤓
– Found a new love in hiking to alpine lakes to SUP
– Was able to spend time at our Cabin in San Luis Vally, and went to the Sand Dunes during two of those visits
– Fell in Love with Norway, especially Loen and Skei
– Made it out of state only 3 times this year – which is lower than “normal”, but pretty great considering we were hospital bound until March.
– Am currently planning at least 3 out of country visits in 2020.
– Lenses ruined – Minimum 2. Cameras bodies replaced – 2.
– Got to hang out with at minimum 60 awesome people and photograph their beautiful souls.

Lastly, a few of my favorite images and moments from 2019. See you next year!

Some of my favorite venues photographed at in 2019:
Strawberry Creek Ranch
Granby Ranch
Keystone Mountain
Wild Basin Lodge

Some of my favorite fellow Colorado wedding Vendors I worked with in 2019:
Whitney Milton, Videographer
Sweetly Paired, Planner
TeNeil Hartley Events, Planner
Peak Bev, Beverage and Bar Service
Rami with Pick Me! Weddings, Planner
Olive and Poppy, Florist

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