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Iceland Elopement Photographer | Amanda and Justin | Reykjavik and Vik Iceland Wedding

Amanda and Justin | Iceland Elopement

Iceland Elopement Photographer couple eloping at a glacier field near Vik Iceland




Savannah Chandler Photography | Iceland Elopement Photographer

Wedding Day:
Reykjavik and Vik Iceland


Iceland.  It’s not just a place, it’s a feeling.  One that I still can’t seem to verbalize.  The minute you step off the play at Keflavik, you know you’re somewhere incredible.  I’m fortunate enough for this to be my second time in Iceland for an elopement, and I’ll be back again this October and March.  If you’re looking for the most incredible, other worldly, breathtaking scenery – Iceland is hands down my favorite place on the planet for an elopement or intimate wedding.

Amanda and Justin were flying out to Reykjavik for EVE, an online gamers convention.  After talking it over with their family and friends, they decided that they’d elope while they were visiting the land of Fire and Ice.  I met Amanda through a few local Photographer groups here at home, as she’s also an amazing Colorado Wedding Photographer.  I was so ecstatic to help plan and celebrate her and Justin’s elopement.

Our original plan was to have the ceremony at Dyrholaey, a cliff overlook in Vik, Iceland.  When we got a look at the weather report for the area (which their weather patterns are CRAY CRAY), Amanda decided she’s like to get married inside then head out into the elements.  The conference was being held at Harpa in Reykjavik, and he was able to obtain special permission to hold their wedding ceremony at the convention center.  I’m not always a big fan of indoor weddings, but if you’re going to get married indoors – Harpa is most definitely the place!!  The reflections everywhere were STUNNING, the amazing architecture work and glass panes were visible in every direction.

For their wedding and ceremony, it was just the two of them (and my siblings, who were actually a HUGE help throughout our time there).  The five of us headed out of Harpa once they were officially married and headed down south to the village of Vik.  Amanda dreamed of having stunning waterfalls and glaciers for their wedding day – and waterfalls, glaciers, and hidden caves it was.

Our first few stops were along a side road off of the Ring Road.  We found a beach overlook – where the wind whipped up over the overhangs at incredible speeds.  It was actually quite entertaining to watch Amanda’s dress keep flipping up over her head.  Once we headed along our route, we found a sulfur pit where we hiked up to the top and oversaw the entire valley.  And yes, the smell of eggs was quite prevalent.   #WorthIt.  Our last stop before we headed back to the 1 was a hidden cave in the middle of nowhere.  We drove along a washboard road, and parked off on the side of a dirt lot, then walked about a quarter of a mile to a giant hole in the ground.  The cave appeared out of nowhere, and was entered by climbing down an old rickety ladder that’s bolted down.  To say that Amanda and Justin were being adventurous troopers would be a gross understatement.  Justin was wearing dress shoes and a fitted suit to descend the ladder onto a pile of slushy snow, while Amanda hiked up her gown and held onto it to climb down – all in the name of amazing photos.

Our middle stop was at a lesser known Glacier field – where the wind whipped quite possibly harder than it did at the Ocean overlook.  We hiked down to the water’s edge, just as a rainbow followed the sprinkling of rain we got on our walk.  We *may* have ran down to make sure we made it in time to capture the amazing rainbow.

The last few stops that we made quite literally left us all soaked.  We stopped at 3 waterfalls in the south, starting at Skogafoss and ending at Seldjandsfoss, with a hidden waterfall inside a gorge thrown in the mix as well.  As we approached Skogafoss, we had the entire waterfall to ourselves, which I’ve been told is quite incredible as it’s usually really crowded.  If you ever want to feel very small in our large universe – stand under a massive waterfall – it’s an exhilarating experience.  The most heart racing and exhilarating of our adventures most certainly had to be when we walked through the gorge to stand on a rock directly underneath a waterfall.  The only thing you can hear is water and your heart racing in your chest.  Water spray was everywhere (including on my camera and lenses).  We ended our day together walking behind Seldjandsfoss, getting dirt and water in any remaining dry article of clothing.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been as exhausted as I was once we were done photographing.  But it was also one of the best days I’ve ever had in my life, personal or professional.

And this was all just Day One….. Day Two details coming soon!! 🙃

Iceland Elopement ceremony at HarpaIceland Elopement bride and groom at Skogafoss waterfall in Vik IcealndIceland Elopement Photograph Under a Hidden Waterfall

Hair:  Savannah Chandler
Makeup:  Cassidee Janke
Ceremony Venue:  Harpa
Shoes:  The North Face
Coat Sherpas, Light Holders, Drivers, General Helpers:  Cassidee and Alex Janke

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