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Iceland Elopement Photographer | Amanda and Justin | Day After Session | Snaefellsness Peninsula

Amanda and Justin | Adventure Session | Snafellsness Peninsula
Savannah Chandler Photography | Iceland Elopement Photographer

iceland elopement photographer iceland wedding bride and groom on snafellsness peninsula



Day two of our Epic Iceland elopement photography adventure! 😉

We may have gotten home around midnight the night before on Amanda and Justin’s wedding day (which you can check out HERE), but that didn’t stop us from having another day full of crazy adventures.  We met Amanda and Justin at their hotel, Centerklopp, where my sister and I did her hair and makeup again before heading out to the Snafellsness Peninsula.  When I visited Iceland back in 2015 for Cici and Zach’s elopement (view HERE to check it out), they had their wedding ceremony on Snafellsness at the Church of Budir.  The difference in the way the landscape looked from a foggy day in October to a sunny day in April was pretty astounding.  I was so excited to see that there were large mountains with very interesting jagged peaks jetting out across the horizon.

We began our morning by running into some Icelandic horses – with wind blown hair and all!  They were so sweet, and came right up to the fence to greet us.  One of them really liked to try and eat Amanda’s hair though, which made for some interesting moments.  😆Onward ho, we headed towards the iconic Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss.  One thing that we learned on this Iceland elopement adventure was that everything and everywhere was named to describe what it is – Kirkjufell means “Church Mountain”, and Kirkjufellsfoss means “Church Mountain Waterfall”.  As we approached the area where Kirkjufellsfoss is located, we noticed a stunning elongated mountain – which turns out is Kirkjufell from the side!  I had no idea that this cone shaped mountain was only cone shaped from the front.  #TheMoreYouKnow .  Some time was spent walking around the area of Kirkjufellsfoss as the light hit the ridge to the SouthEast.

Our next stop on our Iceland elopement adventure was to an amazing Lava and Moss field, just caddy corner from Bu∂ir.  The way the light was hitting the bright green moss was one of my favorite looks of the entire trip – and was quintessential Iceland (if there is such a thing as the whole island is SO DIVERSE!).

To end our evening together, we were headed off of the Snafellsness peninsula and back towards Reykjavik, planning to stop at some basalt columns.  As we were driving, we watched the sky turn colors and sunset started to descend upon us.  We decided to stop at a lovely field instead of driving on, as the sky became too beautiful to pass by.  Looking back, this was probably my favorite area we photographed at all day.  Sometimes, it’s the unstopped and spontaneous locations that end up being the best.

We capped off our second day by attempting to get some jumping shots of all the “wedding attendants” – Amanda, Justin, myself, and my siblings (Cassidee and Alex).  If you want to get a bunch of adults to laugh, get them to all jump and try to take a photo.  It was a blast, and a great way to end our time together in Iceland.

Amanda and Justin – I can’t describe in words the feelings I get thinking back upon your Iceland elopement adventure.  You were the most adventurous, loving, spontaneous, just all around awesome couple.  I wish you nothing but love, happiness, and amazing travels together.  I can’t wait to hear all about your upcoming travels, including ANTARCTICA!

Thank you for inviting me (and my family) to celebrate with you.

Cheers –

Savannah Chandler Photography | Iceland Elopement Photographer

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Iceland Wedding Photographer | Snafellsness Peninsula


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