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Summit County Proposal | GT and Grace | Sapphire Point Engagement

GT and Grace | Summit County Proposal at Sapphire Point

Savannah Chandler Photography | Colorado Proposal Photographer

GT and Grace’s Sapphire Point Overlook Proposal | The Plan and Prep

GT contacted me about having photographs taken of his proposal to then girlfriend Grace overlooking Lake Dillon.

We settled on the field next to the Sapphire Point Overlook for a few reasons:

• That View, Of Course
• The accessibility – Swan Mountain Road is plowed and open (pending extreme weather)
• Grace was going to be staying in nearby Keystone with her friends that weekend
• Once the snow covers the ground, the area we went to is much less crowded than the overlook. Highly recommend skipping walking out to the overlook and hanging on the bike path instead.
• Lastly, Cell phone service. There’s service up on the top of Swan Mountain road – so we’d know when Grace and her friends were on the way up the mountain.

When planning where we’d be and how we’d see one another, GT and I agreed to meet at the bike path roughly a half hour before Grace and her friends were going to drive up. It was quite nice (and unusual for photographing proposals) that I was able to get fully set and knew exactly where one person of the couple would be.

Advice for planning photography and a proposal:

• Have a set meeting point (a dropped pin, if you’ve been there before, is always helpful)
• If you have an iPhone, share your location so we can see where one another are
• I’ve gotten quite well at hiding, you may not see me right away ;). Know I’ll be at our arranged spot at the arranged time.
•Bring Champagne to pop. Always super fun.
• After this proposal – I’ve become a fan of having your friends and family waiting in vehicles nearby to surprise your partner. That was SO FUN to be a part of.

The Proposal | GT and Grace’s Proposal Morning

I met GT up at the Sapphire Point parking lot roughly 30 minutes before Grace’s friends had been told to meet up top. One of the great things about having a unique vehicle is I’m pretty easy to spot when I pull up to the location. I also tend to wear my yellow coat when it’s cold out to stand out against the background – but we were fortunate and no coats were needed on this beautiful winter morning.

Just after GT and I met up and decided on an exact location for him to bring Grace to, all of his friends and their families pulled up in their vehicles and parked awaiting their big reveal.

Not too long after making our grand plans, GT got a text from one of Grace’s friends that they had just concluded brunch and were on their way up the road. GT awaited right at the car pull off to escort his girlfriend out of the car and down to the more secluded location we’d picked along the bike path.

On this beautiful winter morning, there were some good crowds in the area. However, they all were heading to the overlook and the pathway looked slushy and crowded. This is why I always suggest heading over slightly to the SW of the parking lot and where the bike pathway and field are – it makes this beautiful location much more enjoyable.

As Grace pulled up, GT guided her down the pathway. I believe she knew as soon as she saw him what was about to happen, as it was completely out of the blue for her boyfriend to be there on a girls weekend 🙂

Looking out over the tenmile range and the town of Breckenridge, Grace said yes to GT’s proposal. She was so in the moment, that she didn’t notice that all of their friends and her family were at the top of the trail awaiting to congratulate the couple. You can see where her face changes and she notices all of her loved ones up in the parking area.

We then spent the rest of our time together taking some photos with their family and friends, popping champagne, and taking a few couple’s portraits before the rest of the day that GT had planned out for the two of them and their loved ones.

Congratulations again, GT and Grace!


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