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Sprague Lake Engagement | Jiovanna and Kevin

Sprague Lake Engagement | Jiovanna and Kevin
Savannah Chandler Photography | Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Photographer


I met Jiovanna and Kevin at Wedding Wars, a local Denver Bridal Show, where they won my free engagement session.  It was quite serendipitous, as we had been talking on and off most of the evening.  I also had the booth next to the bar… maybe that’s why they kept stopping by 😉  .  After speaking a few times, we decided to head up into Rocky Mountain National Park and up Bear Creek Road for their Sprague Lake Engagement.  We began our day walking around the lake, as the sun perfectly outlined Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain.  After fully making it on the loop around the lake, we headed out to find an Aspen Grove.


Sprague Lake Engagement

Sprague Lake Engagement

Sprague Lake Engagement

Heading down Bear Lake Road, we came off a switchback near a river that housed a beautiful Aspen grove.  I immediately pulled into the side street parking lot, where Jiovanna informed me that this exact spot was one of their favorites.  The two of them had brought family up to Rocky Mountain National Park, and since Jiovanna loves Aspens, this is a part of Colorado that they wanted to share with their loved ones.


Sprague Lake Engagement

One of the highlights of our engagement session was that Jiovanna and Kevin are avid campers – so they set up a small styled camping area to showcase this aspect of their relationship.  I was quite impressed at how in-depth their set up was, and how much though and time went into the details.


To end our evening and chase the hazy sunset skies, the three of us headed towards Moraine Park.  Much to my dismay, my very favorite field at Moraine has been torn down.  Just a few weeks earlier, my partner-in-crime and I were shooting there with amazing, full bloom lupines.  I may have shed a tear or two, or poured one out for my homies… but then quickly returned to light chasing.  I found myself standing in waist deep grasses to achieve the angles I was after.  I hope you agree that the images were worth it… as I ended up with one million bug bites and stood up with spiders on my arms.  Ah, the things we do for that perfect foreground.


Thank you for adventuring with me through Rocky Mountain National Park, and listening to me talk about ‘fabulous light’ all evening.  I can’t wait to photograph your Wedgwood Inn Wedding next June!!



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Cara Elizabeth says:

These are soooo gorgeous Savannah!! I am obsessed. <3

Belinda Cano Stephens says:

WOW! THese are so amazing. You are so talented. I want to get engaged to my husband again lol just for these photos.

Nicole Roche Nichols says:

oh wow, the way you captured the light in the last set of pictures in the field truly is amazing! I also love how you captured their love and intimacy so naturally. And I have to know…is that a “tent” they actually go camping in, or did they create that just for pictures?

Elizabeth says:

Wow!!!! Epic session!!! You are so talented!

Brittany Slaughter says:

this session is too dang beautiful! the colors, the camping scene, and this couple is just adorable!

Willy Wilson says:

Beautiful mountain engagement photos! That sunset shot at the end – yowza.

Kelly Tasker says:

Love everything! That camping scene is the best. Adorable couple!

Adena Rossiter says:

Woah…how do you continue to amaze me to this level? Those colors are insanely gorgeous. The posing is so natural. And that camping set up…seriously, the best! You’re incredible!

Justyna says:

Wow! The frame where he holds her hand….helping her walk…the dancing one… So beautiful!

Chris Erin Loring says:

So so pretty Savannah Chandler. Love these

Nicole Pettit says:

Gooooooorgeous! What a fabulous area, and they are just the cutest!