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Lily Lake Wedding | Ashley and Aaron | Estes Park Wedding Photographer


Savannah Chandler Photography | Ashley and Aaron
Lily Lake Wedding | Estes Park Wedding Photographer


Ashley and Aaron had an intimate wedding at Lily Lake, nestled in Rocky Mountain National Park near Allenspark.  In my years of photographing, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a couple’s ceremony location be so important to their relationship as Lily lake was to Ashley and Aaron.

When they first began dating back in 2013, they were traveling around and living in a portable house boat.  The couple loves to climb, so they set out to climb Jurassic Rock – the formation that jets out behind Lily Lake.  We’re known for our crazy weather here in Colorado, but in September 2013 we experienced what has since been called the “100 years Flood”.  Estes Park was hit very hard with rain and flooding, leaving Ashley and Aaron stranded in the Lily Lake area without road access.  During this multiple weeks time they were isolated, they met one of their dearest friends, Jim Detterline.

Fast forward a few years (and two kiddos) later, when the time came to tie the knot, the location of their vows was selected.  The place where their relationship was founded, Lily Lake.  Their friend, Jim, was set to officiate as well until he unfortunately passed in a climbing accident.  In honor of Jim and his climbing legacy (he was world renowned), we made sure to photograph with Jurassic Rock in the background for their portraits.

When the day of their wedding came, I met Ashley at their rental townhouse along hwy 36 on the entrance to Estes Park.  We spent some time getting her ready and set out to drive to Lily Lake shortly afterwards.  I try to help with what I can on wedding days, I truly feel as if my job is to make sure that my bride’s days run as smoothly as possible.  Part of Ashley and Aaron’s day was putting car seats into multiple cars to ensure that all the kiddos arrived safely.  I made sure that Ashley wasn’t in her lovely lace gown attempting to put seats into a car – those of you who’ve done that before know how it can be a pain in the butt to get them secured properly. 🙂

After their emotional vows, we spent a little time venturing around Rocky Mountain National Park to take some couple’s portraits.  After our time at Jurassic Rock, we headed to the Longs Peak Trailhead.  Long’s Peak is one of Denver’s iconic 14,000 ft mountains, as you can see the mountain from nearly all of the front range.  Long’s Peak was another incredibly important location to Ashely and Aaron, as they have plans to climb the Diamond Route that their friend Jim had established before his passing.

While we were photographing at the lookout, the sun began to beam from behind the peak.  We ended our time together on a beautiful and emotional note.

Thank you again, Ashley and Aaron for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day.  It was an honor to spend the afternoon with you and your loved ones <3.