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Colorado Engagement Photographer | Pooneh and John | Shrine Pass Engagement

Pooneh and John | Shrine Pass Engagement
Savannah Chandler Photography | Colorado Engagement Photographer



Some may call me crazy, but I really do love sunrise engagement sessions.  There’s something so magical about a Colorado sunrise, especially in the mountains.  Pooneh and John live in Texas, and are coming out to Colorado for their Keystone wedding next July at one of my favorite venues: Timber Ridge Lodge at the top of Keystone Mountain.

Last month, exactly a month ago today a matter of fact, Pooneh and John flew out to Colorado to hang out in Keystone and to photograph their engagement portraits.  Our original plan to photograph for sunset was quickly changed, when (as it does often) the weather for the afternoon began to show a decent chance of thunderstorms and generally yucky weather.  Knowing we’d have to meet earlier in the morning, I suggested Shrine Pass as our location – it’s in close relation to Keystone, easy to access, and is simply stunning in the mornings.

I, along with my father who came along for the drive, headed out of the Denver area roughly at 4:15 in the morning to hit the summit of Vail pass and turn towards shrine.  This fall in Colorado came FAST – I was shocked at how much of the ground foliage had begin to change already in early September.

We set out onto the trail for a walk towards the fields of yellow willows just as the sun began to break the horizon.  The morning had beautiful whispy clouds, making for a stunning sky display above the Gore mountain range in the background.

Just as we were heading out from the pass, we stopped alongside the campgrounds to take a few images.  My father pointed off to the left to some interesting red rock formations – when we saw them I knew we had to take a walk over there to check them out.  They were STUNNING, and I loved that we were able to capture some different mountains for Pooneh and John during their time here in Colorado.

Thank you for trusting my (sometimes crazy) idea to head “up the hill” at 6:30 in the morning, Pooneh and John.  I can’t wait to celebrate with you next year!




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