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Black Canyon Inn Wedding | Belle and Marty

Black Canyon Inn Wedding | Belle and Marty
Savannah Chandler Photography | Nostalgic Colorado Wedding Photographer

Belle and Marty’s Black Canyon Inn wedding in Estes Park was one of my favorite weddings.  Not only of the year, but of my entire career.  Everything was so perfect.  They’re an amazing couple.  Not only is the love between them apparent, but between their families as well.  Nearly the entire town of Estes Park was at their Black Canyon Inn wedding.  I can now see why they have so many cherished and loved people in their lives.

We spent the morning with Belle at one of the cabins at Black Canyon Inn.  While she was getting ready, she was having a great time.  Laughing and purely enjoying the experience of her wedding day.  Every bride should take the time to enjoy themselves.  And to truly live in the moment.

Marty was also in high spirits, enjoying time with his children, while he prepared for their first look.



I love first looks.  They are so intimate and wonderful.  We went up the hill a bit to a plot of private land owned by Belle and Marty’s friends for the first look.


See?!?  First looks are fantastic.  Look at the genuine emotion!


Another reason that I love first looks is that it allows for the time to get amazing couple’s portraits.


Not only did Belle look stunning in her gown, I know she felt stunning.  After all, how often do we get to wear an amazing white gown that happens to also be super flattering?


The florals were incredible.  Fluffy and romantic with whimsical wisps.


Did I mention I love Belle and Marty?!  They climbed up the side of the hill to get some incredible views.  Spontaneous couples are the best.


I know I say it often, but family formals are SO IMPORTANT.  With their first look freeing up our timeline, we had plenty of time to make sure that we got amazing portraits with their families.


Those lavender bridesmaid gowns with the pops of coral florals?  Amazing.


The views at their Black Canyon Inn wedding were hard to beat.  And the weather was amazing the entire day.


Their ceremony was held under the pavilion, with MacGregor in the background.


We got to attend cocktail hour!!  Candid and portraits of family and friends during cocktail hour are hard to come by.  I was so happy to be able to attend and photograph during this time.  Belle and Marty’s family and friends were mingling and enjoying fine appetizers and wine, provided by the Twin Owls Steakhouse.


There were also yard games set up around the property.


Twin Owls Steakhouse was decorated beautifully for their reception.  I love the look and feel of Twin Owls.  You can’t get much more Colorado than a log-built restaurant in Estes Park that serves amazing Elk.


Although it was too cloudy to get many stars, we ventured out to the pond to get a few night shots.


I can’t thank you enough, Belle and Marty, for inviting us to be a part of your beautiful Black Canyon Inn wedding.  We had so much fun with you and your guests.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming to us.

Thank you again, I wish you a lifetime of happiness.


Venue: Black Canyon Inn
Reception: Twin Owls Steakhouse

Secondary Photographer: Molly Blair

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Julie Livermore says:

Amazing! I absolutely love your work, each image is perfection!

Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories says:

I can see why this is one of your all-time favorites. So many great details and moments. What a love-filled family!

Julia Morgan says:

Great job capturing a lovely couple in the beautiful, natural landscape from every angle! I just love the bride’s bouquet too. Gorgeous work Savannah!

Corey says:

I love how much genuine emotion and laughter you captured throughout the entire wedding. You can tell how completely in love these two are! It’s so sweet! This is an amazing album!

Miqui Miller says:

Amazing day and you captured it perfectly! I also LOVE Twin Owls, delicious food.

Jamie Lied says:

Loving that last night shot!!! Gorgeous!!!

Melissa Mullins says:

Gorgeous wedding! The couple’s portraits are perfect.

Deziree Dufresne says:

Gah, I fall more and more in love with your work each time I see it. Your photos are just so stinking amazing!

Ashley McKenzie says:

Such beautiful scenery that you incorporated in to every photo. Great job Savannah!

Adriana Pogar says:

Beautiful photos of Colorado and a sweet couple. I can tell they really like each other. 🙂

Elizabeth Stamm Weitz says:

Oh I SO love the floral work for this wedding! AMAZING! So many beautiful happy moments you photographed. Excellent work!

Teresa Opel says:

You always do the most amazing job of incorporating Colorado’s gorgeous scenery ! Stunning photos !

Sarah says:

Wow! Amazing, beautiful photos!