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Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement | Alex and Megan

Alex and Megan | Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement
Savannah Chandler Photography | Nostalgic Colorado Wedding Photographer

So, I’ve known Alex… his whole life.  Literally.  He’s my younger brother by 2.5 years.  We grew up together.  Playing dress up in the “Elevator Room”, blowing up stuffed lions with M100’s in the back yard, and nearly slicing off my finger in our garage door – that was us.  Alex was my very first friend in this world, the one who danced around a coffee table to Disney music with me when everyone else thought I was a little too weird and bossy to be around.  I used to try and beat the snot out of him when we were little.  Then one day, my little brother wasn’t so… little.

Alex is a now a grown up (HOLY COW) with a family of his own.  He found a girl to call his own and to raise his own little weirdos with.

Megan is an incredible person.  She somehow puts up with our family and has decided to join us permanently.  She’s one of the sweetest, kindest, and beautiful people I know.  On the inside and the outside.

I couldn’t be any happier for these two to get married next June in Granby.  And THANK GOODNESS for awesome Colorado wedding photographer friends, because I can’t wait to party and partake in the celebration.

So this one’s for you, Alex.  And for finding the love of your life.  And yes, your bossy big sister approves.

Cheers.  And to many more.