Colorado Engagement | Lindy and Dave | Littleton and Boulder Engagement

Lindy and Dave | Colorado Engagement
Savannah Chandler Photography | Colorado Engagement Photographer


Sometimes, it seems as if everything works out the way it does for a reason.  You can call it fate, you can call it the cosmos – but sometimes things line up without you knowing it.  When Lindy and Dave were trying to decide on a few locations for their Colorado Engagement, they wanted to incorporate areas that meant something to them as individuals as well as places that helped to tell their love story.  Dave grew up in Littleton, Lindy grew up in Boulder.  We knew we wanted to start our day in Littleton/Red Rocks, and end our time together in Boulder.

I had seen some images of a beautiful cave near the Red Rocks area, but after a few weeks of looking for where it might be I couldn’t find the exact spot I wanted to take them to.  We decided to meet at their wedding venue, the Manor House in Littleton, and Dave had a neighborhood park in the area that he grew up going to and thought would be great to photograph at.  We headed over there, and it was indeed a super cool place.  As we were walking around, he let me know that there was a cave at the park, and we could go check it out.  As we approached the cave, I recognized the light coming in – it was the area that I had been searching high and low for!  Anyone who’s photographed with me knows that I don’t have a “poker face”, my excitement was quite apparent.  WE FOUND IT, and all by chance.  Lindy and Dave let me know that this park was one of the places that they went when they first began dating – they would walk around the park together.

Once we left the neighborhood park, we headed down highway 93 to Chautauqua park, a place that Lindy holds near and dear to her heart.  Something interesting about the infamous park in Boulder is that the sun dips behind the flatirons quite early.  We got to the park before the sun hit the ridge to try and capture some Colorado skies – we didn’t get a “bluebird day”, but we did get some photos wispy clouds.

To end our time together – we headed up to Lost Gulch Overlook on Flagstaff mountain.  I typically love to end up at this spot – it’s pretty dramatic with the rocks overlooking the sweeping mountain views.  We originally were planning to end here at sunset – but the good ol’ Colorado weather patterns had different plans for us.  There was a storm brewing to the West, and had already begun to pound Gross Reservoir with rain and high winds.  We photographed until the winds showed up (with quite some force at that).

As I drove down Flagstaff mountain, I thought about how much I love photographing in places that have meaning to my couples.  Lindy and Dave had so many fun stories to tell on our afternoon together.  I also love Engagement sessions for this reason – it’s a great opportunity for me to spend some one-on-one time and get to hear all of my couple’s fun, quirky, lovey stories.

Thank you for spending the afternoon with me, Lindy and Dave.  I can’t wait to celebrate your September wedding at the Manor House with you!

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Estes Park Engagement Photographer | Mandy and Nick | Dream Lake


Mandy and Nick | Dream Lake Engagement
Savannah Chandler Photography | Estes Park Engagement Photographer


Last October, I had the pleasure to Meet Angelique and Shane up in Rocky Mountain National Park for their fall engagement session (which you can check out here).  They were genuinely one of the sweetest couple’s I’ve ever met.  It just so happens that their friends are equally as awesome – like Mandy and Nick.  Mandy and Nick are planning a fall 2018 wedding in Conifer, Colorado (which I can’t wait for).  I was ecstatic when they agreed to meet me at the crack ass of dawn to hike up to Dream Lake for their engagement session.

Dream Lake is SUCH an amazing location for an Estes Park engagement session.

The hike is only just over 1 mile there, not too much elevation gain, and it’s open year round.  I did advise them to brink Yak Tracks, which I’m incredibly glad I did as the Mountain was a little slick from the cooling and warming we’ve been experiencing this winter.

We gave ourselves 30 minutes to make the trek up to Dream Lake, which is typically about right (especially when I’m schlepping 30 LBS of gear 😬).  We got there, and the wind greeted us with some forceful gusts.  Who needs a Microderm abrasion when you can climb to an Alpine Lake in the winter and have the snow crust take at least 2 layers of your skin off.  Mandy and Nick were troopers to say the least – they braved the roughly 40MPH winds whipping at us for photography’s sake.  And when you’re as adventurous as this couple is – the wind/snow crust flying at you makes for genuine laughs and smiles.

After a few minutes of Alpenglow up at Dream Lake, we headed for lower ground to get out of the wind.  Once we passed the corner leading to the lake, the temperature was a good 10* warmer and the wind was nearly non-existent.  Ahhh, good old Colorado Mountains.  Changing weather with every step.  For the last of sunrise, we captured some views of Longs Peak – the tallest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park.

As we made the rest of our descent down the trail, we made a few stops capturing the Colorado winter sun.

Thank you for adventuring up the Mountain with me, Mandy and Nick.  I am incredibly excited to celebrate your wedding with you this upcoming August! <3

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Mt Princeton Hot Springs Wedding Photographer | Lindsay and Dominic | Buena Vista Wedding


Lindsay and Dominic | Mt Princeton Hot Springs Wedding
Savannah Chandler Photography | Buena Vista Wedding Photographer



My first job when I was the old age of 15 was at a little Italian mom-and-pop restaurant off 92nd and Wadsworth called Amici’s.  All of us that worked there were like family.  We hung out at the restaurant as well as in our personal lives.  I worked at Amici’s from for over 6 years, as did many of the people I was employed with.  The owner called us his “Amici’s Angels”.

One person that worked with me all throughout my high school and late teenage years was Lindsay.  We were both waitresses at the restaurant and attended Legacy High School.  We used to drive around in her blue Nissan listening to Good Charlotte (and attending Good Charlotte concerts and getting INCREDIBLY lost), hang out at parties on the weekends, and your general teenage shenanigans.  I got to know Lindsay’s family quite well during that time as well.

Over the past decade, Lindsay has since moved out to San Diego with her beau, Dominic.  When she wrote me saying that they were tying the knot, I was ecstatic for the two of them.  They love the Buena Vista area, and Mt Princeton Hot Springs happened to have one Saturday left available in all of 2017 – two months away from the day that they booked the venue.  😳  They planned a destination wedding in Colorado in less than two months, with some absolutely stunning details and had many of their loved ones able to attend.

I love Buena Vista, I visit quite often to hike in the summer and fall.  I’ve actually attempted to climb Mt Princeton three times but the weather or sickness has made each attempted date not work out (I’m coming for you in 2018 Princeton).  Even though I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life, I’ve never visited this mountain town in the winter!  Colorado winters can be quite touch and go with weather, so I watched the forecast for 10 days leading up to December 16.  The day of the wedding came, and it was GORGEOUS outside.  Over 50* out (AT 9,000 FEET!) and sunny.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

When Lindsay and Dominic were planning their wedding, they asked for the best time to hold their ceremony (which in winter, I’m always more than happy to help plan for light).  Just as they began to say their vows, the sun crested over Mt Antero and gave off the most majestic, beautiful light.  It felt quite magical witnessing.

After their vows and intimate ceremony, we headed a little up the road to an open field that Lindsay and Dominic had found the night before and wanted to photograph in.  It was great to gain some altitude, as we were able to catch more light as it was falling behind the mountains.

One of the things that I really loved about their reception was that instead of having a dedicated first dance as husband and wife, they snuck in a dance after open dancing had started.  She let me know what the song was ahead of time so I could be prepared, and once I heard Into The Mystic by Van Morrison being played by the band I knew it was their dance.  All of their family and friends surrounded them and danced along with them.  By the way, if you want to make me shed some tears – play Into the Mystic.  I think it’s one of the most romantic and beautiful songs ever written.

Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your wedding with the two of you and your families, Lindsay and Dominic.  It was truly an honor.  And it was great to see all of the Nordholm family again as well. 😊 I wish the two of you all the happiness in the world.

Venue:  Mt Princeton Hot Springs

Band:  Wash Park Band


Dress Designer:

Shoes:  Christian Louboutin 

Second Shooter:  Melissa Minkner

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Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement | Jenna and Chris | Sprague Lake


Jenna and Chris | Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement
Savannah Chandler Photography | Estes Park Elopement Photographer


Whenever couples contact me from out of state about taking Colorado Mountain portraits, I suggest Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can’t go wrong with the amazing views, it’s accessible year round (well, some areas are at least 😉 ), and there’s every kind of trail in the area from handicapped accessible to trekking up Longs Peak.

Jenna and Chris were coming out to Colorado, originally to take a look at wedding venues in Durango.  A few weeks before departing Arizona, they decided to elope while they were out here.  Jenna got a STUNNING golden gown (that sparkled ever so amazingly when the sun hit it) and Chris got a dapper blue suit.

We met at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center on Black Friday.  We began by heading to Moraine Valley and the Beaver Brooks, one of my favorite valley views.  The grass in November is always a beautiful straw color and the water is either frozen or low in the brooks.  We’ve had quite the warm winter this year out here in Colorado, so the water was running but was low (and warm) enough for me to venture out into the middle of the pond.  I really do need to start keeping waders in my car – I’ve done this multiple times now and always end up soaked for the rest of the day 😂

After catching some sun at Moraine, we headed up Bear Lake Road to Sprague Lake to walk around and get some portraits.  The sun started to go behind the clouds and the sky turned an amazing black with the approaching storm.  We could see the clouds forming over Deer Mountain and the wind was headed our direction.

We headed a little ways up Trail Ridge Road, in attempt to see if Many Parks Curve had a view to capture, but the entire park turned into nearly a white out by the time we got there.  Not wanting Jenna and Chris to experience terrible driving conditions on the roads and in the canyon back to Denver, we decided to seek lower ground.

Jenna and Chris had a celebration in Arizona once they returned, where they said their vows that a friend had written for them.

Thanks for coming along on a winter Colorado Mountain adventure with me, Jenna and Chris.  Congratulations once again, and I hope to see you out here in Colorado again here soon!

Aspen Engagement Photographer | Regan and John

aspen engagement photographer

Regan and John | Twin Lakes and Independence Pass Engagement
Savannah Chandler Photography | Aspen Engagement Photographer


One of my favorite spots in all of Colorado is Twin Lakes – you’re surrounded by majestic mountains in all directions yet still low enough to get aspen groves.  The highest mountain in Colorado, Mount Elbert, booms behind the lakes standing at 14, 439′.

When Regan and John said they had just moved out from Tennessee to Colorado and wanted the mountain engagement experience, I knew exactly where to suggest.  Our fall this past year was an interesting one – the leaves began to change a few weeks earlier than normal and didn’t stick around for long.  We timed our engagement session just right – all of the aspen groves along the lake and upwards towards Independence pass were at prime.

We met at the small town of Twin Lakes and headed down towards the water while we still had some light out.  I had looked at the sunset calendar, and knew we had to be at the top of Independence pass by 6:00 to catch the last glimpse of the sun.  After spending some time at the lakes and along the creek on our way up the pass, we made it up the hairpin turns to 12,095′ just in time for…. snow.  Foggy skies and snow.  This was Regan and John’s first experience in high altitude, and seeing snow in September is always a bit of an interesting feeling.

We headed out to a few of the alpine ridges, trying our best not to freeze.  On our way back to the car, once we had decided we were “done shooting” we saw the sun start to peek out behind the fog.  It was quite an otherworldly sight – which was the perfect ending since Regan an John are huge Star Wars fans.  I must admit, I know nothing about Star Wars – but I do know that Lightsabers at dusk are pretty cool.  And fun.

Thank you for coming along on a Colorado Mountain Engagement journey with me this past fall, Regan and John.  I can’t wait to see images from your Memphis wedding this upcoming summer!  Congratulations once again.


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