Boulder Wedding | Jiovanna and Kevin | Wedgewood on Boulder Creek

Jiovanna and Kevin | Wedgewood on Boulder Creek
Savannah Chandler Photography | Boulder Wedding Photographer

I met Jiovanna and Kevin last year at Wedding Wars, a modern day Colorado based bridal show, where I was positioned right next to the bar.  We all know that’s the best place to be – next to the free booze.  After obtaining some of their provided yummies, Jio and Kevin stopped by to check out my work for their June 9, 2017 Boulder wedding.  After talking for a bit, they happened to win my complimentary engagement session.  It had to be fate, as Jio and Kevin are my kind of people.  We headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for their adventure engagement session (which you can check out HERE), and had a great time spending the afternoon out in the wilderness.  They even brought a whole camping set up to photograph with – not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome (Rocky Mountain Bride agreed – check out the publication of their engagement session HERE).

Once June finally got here – I was so excited to meet up with Jio and Kevin again to celebrate their wedding day.  I just knew it was going to be a fun day all around.  When my second photographer (the very talented Ashley Kidder) and I arrived, the first thing I obsessed about was her hankie.  “Keep Your Shit Together”.  My new favorite wedding detail to date.  Once Jio was ready to go see her groom, we headed up Flagstaff Mountain to just over 8,000 feet at Lost Gulch Overlook.  If you’ve never been, it’s a lovely lookout area, overlooking the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Longs Peak.  For their first look, we made our way out onto the stunning rocky overlook (flats were DEFINITELY a good choice here.  After spending a few minutes up at Lost Gulch, we headed back to the cars to head down the mountain towards their venue and stopping at Chautauqua Park for a few photo ops – Where I NEARLY STEPPED ON A SNAKE.  I watched it wriggle away from my foot and got the willies – but there was no rattle on the tail so at least it was only a Bull snake.  #NoThanks

We spent the rest of the evening at The Wedgewood on Boulder Creek – a lovely venue along Boulder Creek up on Canyon Road.  They were so genuinely happy to get married, as I know it was a LOOONG time coming.  Nearly 10 years I do believe.  They were surrounded with their friends and family for the evening, where they hosted a variety of games as well as a S’mores bar.  We ended the evening out in front of the full moon rising up over the canyon, it was a lovely day.

Thank you again so much for inviting us to be a part of your wedding celebration!  Congratulations, Jio and Kevin!

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Boulder Wedding | Wedgewood on Boulder Creek

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Maroon Bells Engagement | Aspen Engagement Photographer | Jean and Nick

Jean and Nick | Aspen |  Maroon Bells Engagement
Savannah Chandler | Maroon Bells Engagement Photographer


When Jean and Nick asked if I would be willing to drive to Aspen for their Maroon Bells engagement, there was only one answer:  HECK YES.  Even as a Colorado native, I had never been to the Maroon Bells.  For those that don’t know, this stunning location just outside of Aspen is the most photographed location in all of Colorado.  If you’ve seen a “stock photo” of Colorado, it’s most likely from this stunning lake.

On a Friday morning, I left my house fairly early to head over Independence pass into Aspen for Jean and Nick’s Maroon Bells engagement session.  I took my time, taking in the views through Leadville, over the pass, and into the town its self.  When I took the right curve where the peaks come into view – I nearly was in tears.  It was truly a sight to see, and a sight that I had been waiting a long time to experience.

I met Jean and Nick up at the lake, where we took the Lake loop to get a few different areas of the surrounding wilderness for their Maroon bells engagement.  As much as they would have loved to have done a full hiking session, Nick was recovering from a motorcycle accident that unfortunately made that not possible for this moment in time.  (I would love to go hiking in that area at some point – hint hint 😉 ).  We started taking the loop, getting the greenery as well as some stunning red rock formations in the background.  As the sun started to hit the horizon off in the distance, we headed back to Maroon Lake for some images just as dusk approached.  The mountains only alpenglow (that “bright red” look) at sunrise, but the dusk light was also quite magical and simply stunning.

I’m so excited to celebrate with the two of you this August for your Keystone wedding!  Thank you for adventuring into the wilderness with me for your Maroon Bells engagement!

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Colorado Proposal Photographer | Lost Gulch Overlook | T.C. and Ashley

T.C. and Ashley | Lost Gulch Proposal
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I met T.C. a few years back at Brad and Jessica’s Asheville wedding that I photographed (you can see that here).  T.C. was a groomsmen, as well as a fellow photographer.  When he contacted me about photographing his Colorado proposal, I was super stoked for him and his soon to be fiancee.

Originally, we were supposed to photograph at the Lights Fest just west of DIA – however, we were rained out.  Twice.  My heart went out to T.C. – holding onto a secret (and a ring) for that long couldn’t be easy.  After the second postponement, we decided to head to Lost Gulch Overlook near Boulder on a lovely afternoon to capture their Colorado proposal.

After we set the date and time, I arrived a few minutes early to be sure that I was ahead of the couple.  I sat on the bench that leads up to the rocky overlook, pretending to take selfies.  I did end up getting a fun selfie with T.C. and Ashley arriving in the background 😉  My secondary photographer (the awesome Shelli) and I hid behind the rocks until I got the eye contact from T.C. that he was about to drop to one knee.

Ashley was genuinely surprised!  Her reaction was priceless, and pure joy.  T.C. later told me that he exclaimed frustration at his shoe continually coming untied to draw Ashely’s attention away from the fact he was dropping down on his knee.

Once the initial moment of impact and surprise was over, T.C. revealed our positions and we took a few moments to take some amazing photographs up on Lost Gulch overlook.

I am so honored to have been a part of this special day for the two of you, and I can not wait to celebrate with you next June for your Wild Basin Lodge wedding.  Thank you again so much for trusting me with your stunning Colorado proposal!

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Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement | Trail Ridge Road | Molly and Brad


Molly and Brad | Trail Ridge Road | Estes Park Engagement
Savannah Chandler Photography | Estes Park Engagement Photographer


It’s no secret that that I love photographing in Rocky Mountain National Park for an Estes Park engagement – the rugged terrain and amazing lighting never disappoint.  There is everything from a short walk from the car to over a 10 mile hike for photographs (and yes, I’ve dragged gear over 10 miles for a session!).

For Molly and Brad’s Estes park engagement session, we began lower in elevation at Moraine Park – which offers lovely valley views of the surrounding mountains.  In the spring, the beaver ponds fill up and there’s a lovely river that runs through the valley.  As we began our session, the sun came out in full force, providing a lovely glow.  Molly’s skirt was the perfect contrast to the lush greenery surrounding us.

On our way up the mountain, we stopped along the Ute trail to get some portraits along the tundra.  The Ute is a trail at just above 11,000 feet that extends out into Rocky Mountain National Park for roughly 5 miles.  One of my favorite things about this location is you only need to walk about 100-200 feet to get the amazing views of the Never Summer mountains and Long’s Peak.  As Brad was twirling Molly around the alpine terrain, he performed a few very well executed dips – which was so fun to watch!

To end their Estes Park engagement, we headed up Trail Ridge Road to a “special spot” right off the road – which provides some of the most spectacular views and drop offs I’ve ever seen.  As a photographer, there isn’t really anything better than a jaw dropping location, perfect light on the horizon, and a stunning couple willing to walk out onto a land peninsula.

As the light began to dip behind the horizon, we were greeted with an amazing display of light.  Molly and Brad’s Estes Park engagement was on the Summer Solstice, and I’m now convinced that should be a day to photograph on each year.

Congratulations again, Molly and Brad!

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Estes Park Wedding | Morgen and Roy | Della Terra Chateaux

Morgen and Roy
Della Terra Chateaux | Estes Park
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Every time I get a couple that tells me they’re getting married at Della Terra Chateaux  , I get incredibly excited (and probably squeal a little bit).  This beautiful Estes Park wedding venue venue is one of my very favorite places to photograph.  When Morgen and I first talked, she told me all about the new Salon and Pergola on the venue grounds – and what lovely additions they made.  This was my first wedding at Della Terra since they added the pergola on the wedding deck – my awesome second photographer (Ashley Kidder) and I were in awe of the beauty and design.

Morgen and Roy had a very special wedding, as they were bringing two families together.  Both partners have two children, and wanted to make sure that their day was family centric and about all of them uniting together as one new family.

A little known fact, May 26 is also my wedding anniversary.  I was surprised to get to the ceremony and see my very own officiant there to marry Morgen and Roy – exactly 6 years later.  One of the reasons we personally chose Father Marty was the way he talks about love and marriage.  In every wedding I’ve attended that he’s officiated, he stands to the side and makes the ceremony very personal to the couple.

After their vows and the throwing of rose pedals to celebrate, we headed into my favorite place in the universe – Rocky Mountain National Park.  With a commercial permit, which I ALWAYS carry on me, you can take portraits in this majestic place.  Since Della Terra is on the 34 side of the park, we headed to Horseshoe Park and Sheep Lakes for a few epic pictures.  One of my favorite things about the Rocky Mountains in spring is they’re still snow capped – the contrast of the snow on the peaks against the blue sky is one of the reasons I live here in Colorado.  Needless to say, my good ole’ Colorado mountains did not disappoint.

The rest of the evening kicked off with a unity ceremony – which I was so happy to see done inside in darker light to capture the glow of the candle flames uniting.  All of their friends and family danced the night away and had a ton of fun in the photo booth.

Thank you again for inviting me to be a part of your Estes Park wedding celebration, Morgen and Roy.  It was truly an honor to celebrate with you and your family.

Venue:  Della Terra Mountain Chateaux

Officiant:  Fr. Marty with A Priest Celebrates

Music:  Top Hat Entertainment

Caterer:  Jubilations Catering

Cake:  Das Myer

Make-Up Artist:  Bella Vapelli

Florist:  The Perfect Petal

Savannah Chandler | Savannah Chandler Photography | 2017
Estes Park Wedding Photographer | Della Terra Wedding

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